Sunday, February 12, 2012

Timothy William Donley, a HERO.

On Thursday, February 9th, 2012, my friend Timothy Donley became the victim of an IED while he was serving his country in Afghanistan. He lost his lower legs and badly injured his right arm. The doctors are trying to save his arm, but if it doesn't get better, they will amputate it. (GOD IS OUR HEALER and we DO BELIEVE in miracles.) 

His parents are in Germany with him right now. They need ALL the prayers they can get. Especially for Tim. He doesn't know he lost his legs yet because he was in a coma. Pray for comfort, peace, assurance, grace, love, blessings, patience, etc.. etc.. to pour out on him and on his family. 

His girl friend, Victoria Hancock also needs prayers. Her mom will be leaving to the States to be with her. Then they will travel together to be with Tim and his family in the hospital when they take Tim to the USA. He will be in rehab and doing more surgery on his arm. Please keep the Donleyes and the Hancocks in your prayers. It's NEEDED BIG TIME. 

Go on facebook and search for PRAYING FOR TIMOTHY DONLEY. They will be updating everything from there. Prayers, encouraging words, scriptures will be posted on there as well... be a part of 
it.. and share it with your friends and family. PLEASE. 

latest update from his parents::

"Well. We've just been into the ICU to see Timothy for the first time. Nothing prepares you for something like this, but the grace of God is our covering and the peace of God is reigning. Tim is really very ill. Of course we knew that, but somehow, seeing him intubated and unconscious with tubes running in and out of everywhere rendered us speechless. He underwent several hours in the operating room before we saw him, having procedures done that you don't want the                                            details of. His right arm has severe tissue damage as well as a big chunk of bone missing that they are hoping to graft together. They have placed a bone growth stimulator in/on the arm that is a lot bigger than we anticipated. He will undergo more surgeries in the States.They are expecting him to return to consciousness anytime now. Then they will turn off the ventilator to test his breathing, ask him to follow several commands and if he accomplishes all that, they will remove the respirator. At that point, he will be confronted with his new reality. Please pray for him. He needs healing - restoration of nerves, bone and muscle (especially from mid-forearm to elbow). He needs courage to face this new life that the Lord has entrusted him with. He needs to grab onto God with everything in him and not let go.
A group page for Timothy has been begun. I believe it is called "Praying for Timothy Donley". It is an open group that anyone can access. I suppose that we will start putting our updates on that. Please visit the page for updated prayer requests and to post anything that you specifically want to encourage Timothy with. Thank you.
We are so very, very grateful to you all for your prayers and friendship.Love, Donleys"

"Oh no you never let go through the calm and through the storm, you never let go every high and every low, lord you never let go of me. "



  1. I have been praying for Timothy and for each member of his family and his friends.

  2. Our Marine family is praying for Tim and your family. There is power in prayer. Semper Fi

  3. In the darkest night He remains our light in this awful sinful world. Praying for you.

  4. looking for the facebook page....

  5. Praying! Looking for the FB page, but can't find it. Can anyone post a link? Thanks! ~ Heather Richards Wodrich

  6. My prayers are with Tim and your whole family, and all the lives Tim has touched who are concerned for him now. God Bless, and remember that through faith, come miracles.

  7. You have prayers people who you will never meet, from all over the country coming your way.

    Stay strong in the faith, and God will use all of this, for His glory.

    God Bless you all

  8. Am not finding the Praying for Timothy Donley Facebook page?

  9. W pray for you every day at The Biker Church in Boyertown PA Tim. May God Bless you, Victoria and Valerie! Keep your faith Strong

  10. Hi to all...
    thank you so much for all the prayers. So sorry for the late late reply. I just saw these msg's!
    here is the link for Tim's facebook page.

  11. I learned about Tim through update post by my sister-in-law. I am praying for Tim and his family and friends through this difficult time. Tim, you are a hero, and you can do this through God who strengthens you.